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Are You Work Ready?

Are You Work Ready?

The checklist looks at your current work readiness. It will help you to identify areas that need the most development or require your next action.  

 For each question mark yourself out of 0 (no confidence/competence) – 10 (totally confidence/competent). Then ask someone who knows you well to mark what they think your confidence and competence is.  Is it the same? Where are the work-on areas? 

Another option is this template which allows you a graphical picture of your work readiness. 

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How confident are you talking about your skills, experience and training and how they transfer to other jobs?


Can you access accurate and detailed job/career information on your chosen job/career idea?


How confident are you about your CV and/or online profiles (LinkedIn)?  Do you know how to tailor your documents to your preferred job area?


How confident are you writing an effective cover letter for a job?


How confident are you in a formal interview?  Can you talk about how your skills and experience add value to a business?


Can you describe your greatest strengths, weaknesses and what is important to you?


Can you identify key obstacles that may impact your job hunt and the solutions that can address those issues?


Have you got a network of people outside of your current workplace to help you with your job search?


How comfortable are you sharing ideas with important others (friends and family)?  Are you on the same page?


Do you have a budget and enough money saved for 3 months until you find your next job?

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