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Our Team

Our Team

Work Ready is all about the people. Our team is our whānau and each member contributes in their own special and unique way. We are incredibly passionate about helping to support each and every individual on their journey forward in life.

Work Ready has significant experience working in the commercial, government and educational sector providing work readiness support. Our experience provides our customers with confidence, new training and work ideas and great documents so they can make their next move with confidence.

Many of our consultancy staff are members or have leadership roles with the Career Development Association of New Zealand.

Lisa Halvorson


Lisa formed Work Ready in 2015 with the ambition of improving peoples work lives. She instills her can-do attitude into everything she does. Before Work Ready, she was an Operations Manager with one of New Zealand’s largest manufacturing corporates. Currently, she is the chairperson for Education to Employment in Northland and Northland Brand of Career Development Association New Zealand.

Lisa is an avid walker, hiker, and general life go-getter.

022 515 5501

Rachel Miller

Executive Assistant/Administration Support

After a complete career change from the tourism industry, Rachel has adapted her corporate travel background to bring her fabulous customer service skills and vibrant personality to the Work Ready team.

Rachel loves her fitness and from time to time a chocolate fish.

022 564 5322

Alysha Phillips

Vocational Rehabilitation

Alysha’s background is vocational rehabilitation, adult teaching and science.

She originally trained in Science at Canterbury university before moving into education, careers and rehabilitation.

Alysha is a lover of coffee, the beach and empowering people.


Lance Edmonds

Operations Manager, Ara Whakamaua

 ‘He aha Te mea nui, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata’
‘It is my view that it is people, it is people, it is people’

I have discovered that life is way too short to focus on any negative aspects. I am passionate about the work that I have been involved in, and the many different people I feel honoured to have cross my path on any given day. I take pride in establishing and fostering relationships.

I enjoy surfing and playing the drums in my spare time.


Monique Walker

Administration Assistant

Monique Walker has an extensive background working in Student Group Travel, Retail, Banking and Customer Service. She has a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed in all areas of their life. Monique, with her bubbly personality, works closely in support of the entire team and all their administration needs.


Missy Hampson

Employment/Pathway Solutions
Facilitating Programs

Missy has over 10 years’ experience in Banking, Account Management and supporting Community Groups.  Passionate about supporting our people towards better pathways, linking supports, and growing our people.  Enjoys connecting with our Youth and our Communities.  Journey with the Work Ready whanau for almost 6 years supporting Youth in Northland.

In my spare time – I love being with my family, fishing, spear fishing, diving, paddle boarding and hunting. I love the outdoors and being creative.


Carl Needham

Driving Instructor

As a Driving Instructor I am extremely passionate about the safety of our people on our roads.

I have extensive knowledge of the road code and test criteria, I am here to help our whanau in any way I can and to help them gain their licence and become safe Drivers.

Marama Haretuku

Driver Licencing and Careers Work

Marama Haretuku is passionate about helping others and has worked closely with clients of all ages and backgrounds, from youth to the elderly.

With a range of skills that I have learnt over the years of working in different industries. Always looking at ways to learn and develop in spaces I stand. With a new hikoi in careers, I endeavour to leave people better than how the arrive to me.

Things I like:

  • Helping people
  • Enjoy my quiet Introspective time
  • Learning, reflection and development
  • Creating and achieving goals
  • Enjoying good conversation over kai

Nikki Innes

CV Services

With a background in teaching and physical education, Nikki is motivated to give clients the best experience when it comes to preparing for and finding employment. Always excited to learn new skills and upskill, her organised approach to work and life motivates those around her to do the same!

Nikki is a gym goer and enjoys spending time with her family.

Harold Lipsham

Driver Training

I’ve been driver training on and off for around 15yrs (both trucks and cars). I get a real kick out of seeing people thrive and achieve their goals in the quest of bettering themselves not just for themselves but also for their families.

Passing on the knowledge, helping people to achieve and grow on their journeys and to see people smile is what it is all about. Helping people to stay safe on our increasingly busy highways.

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